Anna Bianco

Anna Bianco, MD, born in Italy, is a third-year Geriatrics Clinical Fellow at Federico II University, Naples, Italy. She graduated from Medical School in 2015 at the University of Torino. She defended her MD thesis on the comparison between percutaneous treatment versus surgery for the correction of severe mitral regurgitation in congestive heart failure. Hereafter, she was admitted into the Geriatrics Fellowship Program directed by Prof Nicola Ferrara, MD, at Federico II University, Napoli, Italy. During the first 2 years she attended Internal Medicine and Geriatrics wards and inpatients and outpatients facilities, focusing on the most important cardiological methodologies, as echocardiography, dynamic-ECG, ergometric and cardiopulmonary exercise tests, under the supervision of Professors Bonaduce, MD, and Tocchetti, MD, PhD, FHFA. Since November 1st 2017, she joined the group of Professor Heymans, MD, PhD, FHFA, and she is now involved in Research Projects focusing on genetic and inflammatory mechanisms of Cardiomyopathies. She is member of the Heart Failure Association and of the Working Group of Myocardial Function of the ESC, chaired by Prof Heymans. She is also member of the Italian Federation of Internistic Physician and of the Italian Society of Cardiology.