Georg Summer

Georg Summer is an Austrian who wanted to observe the Dutch in their natural habitat and not just the – to them - unfamiliar Austrian mountains. He studied at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria in Austria and after a one year research adventure at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute finished his MSc in Bio-medical Informatics there. His thesis focused on the inference of gene regulatory networks from time-series data.
Georg worked 2 years in the lab as a bioinformatician focusing on the analysis of high-throughput data and tried to put the results in nice looking figures.
As the opportunity opened up, he shifted from the support role to the more active as a PhD student with a focus Network Biology. His interests are in the development and applications of novel network centric approaches to better analyze and understand high-throughput data in heart failure, especially those with a metabolic component.

Even though he sits often in a dark room, with his computer screen providing the only light, he has a sunny outlook to the future and puts his efforts into making heart failure a connected disease using network biology.