Kasper Derks

Raised in Hilvarenbeek, the Netherlands, Kasper completed his High School diploma at the Odulphus Lyceum in Tilburg in 2004. Hereafter, he started studying Molecular Life Sciences at the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences at the University of Maastricht. He completed his study in 2009 at the University of Maastricht and started his PhD in the lab of Prof. Dr. Hoeijmakers in the Genetics department in the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam. During his PhD he followed several courses to become semi-biologist semi-bioinformatician and developed analysis pipelines for messenger RNA and microRNA sequencing datasets to investigate the changes in the transcriptional landscape after DNA damage. After a post-doc fellowiship of 2 years in the same lab he obtained a position as a bioinformatician in the Clinical Genetics department at the Maastricht University Medical Center. His focus lays on using Next Generation Sequencing approaches to implement RNA in research projects within the Clinical Genetics as well as Cardiology department.