Nina Beelen

Nina Beelen, born in 1998 in Nijmegen, completed her high school diploma at the Merlet College in Cuijk in 2017. Following her secondary education she started studying Medicine at Maastricht University. During her bachelor degree, she was involved in resuscitation education and completed a board year at the Stichting Taskforce QRS Maastricht. This evoked an interest in cardiology and particularly causes of heart failure. During her clinical rotations, she chose clinical genetics as her elective where she could combine her passion for cardiology and genetics with cardiogenetics. In addition, she has dedicated her time during her masters to support fellow physicians and to address issues that affects all healthcare workers. She is currently a board secretary of the Royal Dutch Medical Association District Limburg and treasurer of the umbrella association overlooking all the Royal Dutch Medical Association districts.

After her master, she started working as a PhD-student in the research group of Prof. Dr. Heymans.